If nap-time has become a battle because your baby or toddler has trouble calming down, sound therapy might just be a new tool that you will want to add to your toolkit.  

Sound Therapy is a concept promoted by its founder, Julian Treasure, where his research has found that our minds and our hearing can be restored through the therapy of live music and listening closely to the sounds of nature.  

 The sounds of nature including bird-calls, have positive cognitive impact and can be therapeutic to hearing.  Listening during quiet times can restore a sense of calm and may help soothe children at bedtime and nap time.

Try adding the sounds of wild birds in to your baby or toddlers naptime routine for a week or so.  Notice the time it takes your child to settle down and see if the natural sounds help the process go faster.  The video below is one that your child might enjoy.  It was shot in early summer in the Pacific Northwest.  Recorded in Vancouver, WA in July 2019.




Please comment and share if your child enjoyed this video.  Did it help to calm your baby or toddler?


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