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Discover how poetry has the power to delight your child.

Did you know that poetry has the power to build reading and math skills in very young children?  Even babies benefit from the soothing rhythmic quality of poems.  But beyond those powerful, but pragmatic reasons for incorporating poetry into your bedtime routine, there is a more important reason: poetry will sooth babies and delight toddlers and older children. In other words, poetry can be fun! Intrigued?  If so, you might be glad to know that you can enjoy poems with your child right now.

We have put together for you, dear reader, a micro picture poetry video which is a 3 minute collection of some of the very best poems written for baby and toddler by Robert Louis Stevenson. 


If you would like a copy of this as an eBook that you can read to your child, click on the image below.  Enjoy!

poetry poems kids children
Click on the image for your FREE e-book. Poems your child will love.

It may be as surprising to you to know that Robert Louis Stevenson could generate beautiful children’s poetry in a way that few others do at engaging even the very young.  Yet it is interesting to note that Stevenson, so sensitive to children, was equally skilled at penning some of the most gripping stories including Treasure Island and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – the ultimate in thrills and psychological chills. You could say he was an all-round brilliant writer.  

We hope you enjoy this micro book.  If you would like to get the complete book of verses from which these poems came, you can read that eBook for FREE from the Project Gutenberg website.  The eBook’s back cover has the specific link too.

To learn about all the benefits that poetry has to offer to build reading and math skills, click here to learn more about how poetry is as essential as prose for developing a broad appreciation of language at a very early age.  

And in case you’d like a PDF so you can download the file for printing…

If you have already started getting hooked on poetry, you might enjoy these fun ideas on bringing poetry into your child’s day.  Using the PDF download link below, you can download and print these poems and cut them out individually.  Then try surprising your child by putting a poem at your child’s place at the table, or perhaps tucking one in a dresser drawer to be discovered in the morning when they are getting dressed.  In time, with repetition, your child might enjoy the challenge of memorizing and reciting a poem. 

For your copy, just click on this link here to download your own PDF copy for printing or viewing whenever.  Here it is:  FREE Micro Poetry Book PDF for Printing

Click Here for FREE Download Micro Poetry Book Robert Louis Stevenson

Having the PDF file for printing opens up additional possibilities if you like to craft.

Make a Cloth Book / Soft Book for Baby

One idea for a project using your printable PDF file is that you could make a cloth book by printing the pages to iron-on paper.  This YouTube video covers basic idea of how iron on printing works.  

As for instructions on how to sew a cloth book or sew a soft book, I like how the video below gives a good, clear overview.  I hope this helps.

Getting your own hardcopy

If you enjoy the poems in A Child’s Garden of Verses and want to buy the hard-copy, there are a few versions on Amazon to choose, but I love the classic illustrations in this one.  Please note, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I’d love to hear from you.  If you liked the micro eBook or if you would like to share your creative ideas for incorporating poetry into your child’s life, please comment below. 


My mission is to learn and share the best information that enriches babies' lives from day one.

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